Avoiding Your Prom Nightmare

We have all heard horror stories about limousine companies during prom time. Unfortunately; many of them are true! Several concerned parents have recently contacted me and shared experiences that their families and friends encountered with substandard limousine services in the area.
One such story included limousines showing up at the front door twenty minutes late while the driver was dressed like he was going to a rock concert.

The limousine looked like it was 20 years old with rust protruding from the fenders. To worsen the nightmare, the kids, dressed to the nines in tuxedos and prom gowns got into a limousine that looked like someone dumped their trash into with empty beer bottles and dirty glasses were jammed in the ice chests. What made matters even worse; there was no adequate air conditioning in the limo. Of course the chauffeurs response was; “Well, it was working fine on the way over here”.

This night is about to get even better! The parents continued by telling me that they were called and told that the driver of the limousine drove very erratic to the venue, creating an evident alarm with the prom goers. A responsible chauffeur needs 90 feet of stopping power to bring the car to a complete halt!
At the end of the evening, the driver attempted to go through the drive up window of a local McDonald’s restaurant, causing damage to the vehicle and disbelief with the prom goers. Needless to say, the concerned parents who waited anxiously for their loved ones to return offered no gratuity to the begging driver of the limo!

Warning: Not all limousine companies are alike! Take the time, spend the gas, and go look before you book. Deluxe Limousine Service has a crowded showroom full of new body style Cadillac Escalade, and Lincoln Navigator super stretch limousines for you to choose from. In addition, we have been in business 20 years and are fully insured. We are parents too, and would not put your son or daughter in a limousine that we would not put our own children in. Please contact us at 413-821-0069 to discuss how Deluxe Limousine Service can help prevent your son or daughter from experiencing a prom nightmare!